Septic Inspections

Simac's Plumbing can perform a complete septic inspection to determine if your private on-site wastewater treatment system (POWTS) is in proper working condition. Every three years you are required, as a homeowner with a POWTS, to have your septic tank either pumped or inspected. If you have your tank inspected and the level of sludge and scum is less than 1/3rd the depth of the tank you DO NOT need to have it pumped. If you have a seasonal or vacation home, are single or do not have children, or you are away from your house most of the time, you probably DO NOT need to have your septic pumped. 

Why have your septic inspected instead of pumped?

  • A septic inspection is much less expensive.
  • Pumping a septic tank prematurely removes the bacteria and enzymes essential in breaking down the sludge and scum to liquid form.
  • THERE IS NO RISK TO YOU! If we deem that your septic needs to be pumped you will not be charged by us for an inspection.

When should you have your septic inspected?

  • Before you buy a house it is a good idea to have the septic inspected determine the size, location, age, working condition, and to ensure that it is code compliant.
  • If you have received your three year septic pumping slip. 

What does a septic inspection involve?

We will research any existing records of your septic system to determine the size, age, and location before we come out and complete a thorough visual and physical inspection. 

  • Your septic tank is inspected to ensure that it is in proper condition, with baffles intact.
  • The levels of sludge and scum in your tank are measured to determine if pumping is necessary. 
  • Your filter is inspected and cleaned.
  • Your drainfield is inspected to ensure that it is working properly and there is no ponding
  • Your maintenance card is completed, certified and returned to the county.
  • A verification is sent to you upon completion of the inspection.
  • Copies and records are maintained if needed for future reference.

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