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Conventional System with Lift

A conventional lift system is similar to a conventional gravity system. In a conventional lift system, gravity carries wastewater from the house into a septic tank and is then pumped to the drainfield.

The septic tank is a dual compartment watertight vault usually made of concrete. The two compartments are seperated by a concrete partition. The first compartment holds the greases and oils that rise to the top as scum and the solids that sink to the bottom as sludge 

There is a 4 inch hole in the partition with a filter on it that keeps the solids in the first compartment and allows the liquids to flow into the pump chamber. The pump is controlled by a float switch that turns the pump on when the effluent reaches a set level and turns the pump off when the effluent is pumped down to a set level. The effluent is pumped under pressure to the drainfield.